Grizzly Knows No Remorse 1

Official press release:

Russia’s best kept Southern metalcore secret Grizzly Knows No Remorse has released a live studio session. The video features songs off the band’s recent album Fat Glasses and the Leather Mustache (copies available here). Vocalist Andrew Lockjaw says:

“We thought that the new material is good enough to be heard not just as it is, but live too. The experience was pretty rough yet fun as well. We made a lot of takes for each song since we needed a lot of different video angles and stuff. Every single take we played each song again and again so it was like playing a 20 song show basically. We wanted to thank Max Samosvat – the sound engineer and producer for the really hard and awesome work at his studio – The Meat Factory. Also, we wanted to thank Dan and his boys from DAD Films for shooting and montaging everything. Those guys are golden. Hope everyone will enjoy the show.”

Fat Glasses And The Leather Mustache track listing:

1. “What It Takes And How It Tastes”
2. “We Are The Party”
3. “Good Guys Cum Twice”
4. “Equalising Mourning”
5. “Godstasy”
6. “Waiting To Be”
7. “Refuse, Despise”
8. “The Hangover Anthem”
9. “Glory Hole”
10. “Wasted Prophet”

Grizzly Knows No Remorse 2