Greyhaven share video for “Ornaments From The Well”

Band: Greyhaven
Song: “Ornaments From The Well”
Album: This Bright and Beautiful World
Release Date: April 15th, 2022
Label: Equal Vision Records

Singer Brent Mills said of the track:

“Last song on the record. First and only song I had finished lyrics for when we left for the studio. I didn’t realize it would set the tone for the record as far as the theme goes but this song really showed me where I was and what to lean into when writing the rest of the songs. The song is purely about depression and sinking headfirst into what feels like endless hell. I really didn’t think I could keep going at the time but somehow here I am and that’s where this song comes from.”


This Bright and Beautiful World track listing:

  1. “In A Room Where Everything Dies”
  2. “All Candy”
  3. “A Painful And Necessary Action”
  4. “More And More Hands”
  5. “Of Snakes And Swans”
  6. “Foreign Anchor”
  7. “Fed To The Lights”
  8. “The Quiet Shakes”
  9. “And It’s Still Too Loud”
  10. “Ornaments From The Well”