Great American Ghost

Official press release:

Great American Ghost’s debut full-length, Everyone Leaves, is set for a July 10th release on Good Fight Music. The album was recorded, mixed, and mastered by Defeater guitarist Jay Maas (Ceremony, Title Fight) at Getaway Recording.

From Boston, Massachusetts, Great American Ghost has been grinding away in the Northeast scene since 2012 and has honed its sound and vision over the course of three EPs prior to the upcoming full-length. Frontman Ethan Harrison cites bands like Converge and American Nightmare as influences, and indeed Great American Ghost shares some traits with these New England heroes. On Everyone Leaves, Great American Ghost pumps out hardcore of the burliest variety, from fast, barrelling-down-the-track parts to churning, bottomless-pit chugging not unlike Kurt Ballou in his deadliest dirge mode. Harrison’s hoarse vocals burst with feeling – pure realness, from the same school of hard knocks as Bannon or Eisold. Yet these lyrics and this music belong only to Harrison and Great American Ghost. Harrison offers his own candid thoughts on the album:

Everyone Leaves is the most honest and personal piece of music that any of us have ever been a part of. It is about the end of relationships. Every kind. The running theme is the ending of things. Leaving. Having friends pass away, people leaving you in relationships, romantic or otherwise. Losing faith. The record title explains it all. With this album, I know that personally I wrote about things which I still haven’t spoken of otherwise, and all the guys put everything they had into this. The record means a lot to us.”

For a small taste of the painful realities that saturate Everyone Leaves, enjoy these sample lyrics from the song “Anxious Alone”:

“Everyone I know can’t stand me / I make their fucking skin crawl / Everyone that loves me makes me more alone / Friendship means nothing to me / Everyone’s a stranger / I’m living in a fucking nightmare / No amount of drugs can help me / There’s no soul to save / I’m a mess and that’s the truth.”

For a full dose of Great American Ghost, check out the song “Misery”, here, and the official music video for “Shiver”, (featuring guest vocals by Bruce LePage of 100 Demons), here.

The cover and layout were created by Old Wounds drummer Brandon Gallagher, the artist behind all the Old Wounds artwork as well as countless other bands’ art, including Full of Hell, Incendiary, and Counterparts.

Everyone Leaves track listing:

1. “Runner”
2. “An Ever Changing Cast of Characters”
3. “Shiver”
4. “12-16-2009”
5. “Dead Punks”
6. “Misery”
7. “Decay”
8. “Home Grown Hate”
9. “Anxious Alone”
10. “Everyone Leaves”

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