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Official press release:

Today, with all mockery intended, Hells Headbangers sets December 25th as the international release date for Gravewurm’s Doomed to Eternity. Gravewurm are one of America’s longest-running black/death cults, and Doomed to Eternity is their 11th album. Picking up where they left off with last year’s Abyss Sorcery and the Hells Headbangers-released Infernal Minions, Gravewurm honor the ancient ways of Hellhammer and early Bathory with stripped-bare, endlessly headbanging anthems of evil and horror. They’ve also harnessed their most robust recording to date, rendered in bloody, old-school tones, and Nunslaughter’s Don of the Dead does guest vocals on the intro to “The Wolves of Isengard”. Above all, Doomed To Eternity marks the final recording of metal legend Jim Konya, who played drums on every track here and helped co-write its songs: long may he rest in power. Set for release on Christmas day, it’s gonna be one unholy holiday that’s Doomed to Eternity, and hear the first bell-tolls of doom HERE with the track “The One True Soul of Darkness”.

Doomed to Eternity track listing:

1. “Shining Night Gleam”
2. “Fangs of the Serpent”
3. “The Abyss Calls and I Shall Answer”
4. “Sepulchral Sorceress”
5. “Bury My Coffin”
6. “Ancient Storms of War”
7. “Soul Stalker”
8. “The Wolves of Isengard”
9. “Lair of the Gravewurm”
10. “Doomed to Eternity”
11. “The One True Soul of Darkness”

Gravewurm 2