Turkey isn’t a country synonymous with metal, however from the backstreets of Istanbul five young gentlemen have been creating noise and after two singles and an EP, are now on the cusp of releasing their debut full length We Are Nothing. Signing to UK label Hostile Media recently, Grapes In The Mouth are pleased to reveal the first glimpse into what they’ve been working on for almost two years.

The band, like many others have taken inspiration from their own life experiences but in creating We Are Nothing found a way to speak universally. Vocalist Barkın Ege Tekkökoğlu states:

“The recording process was challenging. As human beings we see ourselves in the centre of the universe, we are not. We Are Nothing embraced that kind of perspective. To expand, while we rage like lightning or have hope on the next sun rising, Polaris (The North Star) stays where it is and has led our way throughout history… The album has 13 songs, each with a symbol. These symbols are linked to song’s lyrical content and meaning. We used naturally occurring events and natural elements in symbols to emphasise the power of the universe and our weakness… essentially saying… we are nothing.”

The album was recorded, mixed and mastered in their guitarist’s, Serdost Gezgin, studio, DDos Studios. We Are Nothing is out September 27th September. Pre-orders are available via Bandcamp. Check out the band’s last single, “Say Goodbye” below.