Gràb announce new record Zeitlang; premiere “Nachtkrapp” video

Official press release:

Bavarian black metal outift Gràb (Bavarian for grey/old) will released their debut full-length Zeitlang (Yearning) on October 1st via Trollmusic. Additionally, the group have released the first single off the album, Nachtkrapp; listen below. Singer/Poet Grant explains:

“The title of our first single ‘Nachtkrapp’ loosely translates as ‘Night Raven’, which is the name of a dark creature of ancient Bavarian folklore. According to its cautionary legend, this malicious spirit abducts children by nightfall. This is the reason for parents to tell their children playing outside to come home as soon as it gets dark – to be safe from the ‘Nachtkrapp’ that lurks in the rising night to take them forever to the dark side.”

Vocalst for Zeitlang were tracked by Stefan Karl at Studio Kagers, with undertone vocals recorded by V. Santura at Woodshed Studio. Drums were handled by Markus Stock at Studio E. Thomas Taube at Five Lakes Studio mixed and mastered the album. The artwork was created by Benjamin König (Sperber Illustrationen), while the layout was done by Dan Capp. is available for pre-order now at this location.

Zeitlang track listing:

  1. “Sched oreidig”
  2. “Nachtkrapp”
  3. “Zeitlang”
  4. “Weizvåda”
  5. “Nordwand”
  6. “A Dåg im Herbst”
  7. “Auf da Roas”
  8. “S’ letzte G’leit”
  9. “A Gråbliacht”