Gorod issue full-album stream of Aethra

Band: Gorod
Album: Aethra
Release Date: October 19th, 2018
Label: Overpowered Records

Vocalist Julien Deyres issued the following statement:

“Here we are! We finally present our latest effort in its entirety! This one turned out to be a crazy challenge as it was not only the fastest-written Gorod album, but because we added a couple new songwriting elements too. We hope you will appreciate this 10-track journey as much as we do – we had a fantastic experience making it!”


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  • Aethra track listing:

    1. “Wolfsmond”
    2. “Bekhten’s Curse”
    3. “Aethra”
    4. “The Sentry”
    5. “Hina”
    6. “And the Moon Turned Black”
    7. “Chandra and the Maiden”
    8. “Goddess of Dirt”
    9. “Inexorable”
    10. “A Light Unseen”

    [via Kerrang!]