Canadian death metal titans Gomorrah have premiered their insanely brutal new single “Sitra Achra”; listen above courtesy of No Clean Singing. The band said of the track:

‘Sitra Achra’ is the realm where evil is birthed through the discarding of the remnants of the Sephirot. These remnants are the dark opposition of the holy light, which create the Kings of Sulphur. The Kings are summoned forth, undoing creation in our plane of existence. The instrumentation was based off of a demo track from 2011, with alterations by key change, rewritten drum and bass guitar parts, rhythm guitar influence from Cannibal Corpse and Archspire, and lyrical content and vocal structure to fit the narrative concept of the album”.

The song is the first taste of the band’s impending new album The Haruspex, due on January 15th through Test Your Metal Records. Pre-orders are available now here and here.

The Haruspex track listing:

1. “Imperial”
2. “Nine Kings Of Sulphur”
3. “Carcosa”
4. “Dismantling The Throne”
5. “Sitra Achra”
6. “Crowns Of Flesh”
7. “Cerulean”
8. “Venom And Rapture”
9. “Architects”
10. “The Mark Of Veritas”

Gomorrah 2