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Giraffe Tongue Orchestra have revealed the cover art and track listing of their debut album Broken Lines. Pre-orders have also gone line and can be found on, Amazon and iTunes.

In an interview with Rolling Stone guitarist Brent Hinds (Mastodon) also revealed the origin of the group’s name:

“During the time Mastodon was there for Soundwave, I was at the zoo in Sydney, Australia and was checking out the giraffes. They’re are amazing animals – one just grabbed a bunch of bananas from my hand with its tongue and peeled them with it as well – by the time the bananas got to its mouth, they were ready to be eaten. I saw Ben and said ‘Man I think I found the name for our band.’”

Broken Lines hits stores on September 23rd through Party Smasher Inc. and Cooking Vinyl.

Broken Lines track listing:

1. “Adapt Or Die”
2. “Crucifixion”
3. “No-One Is Innocent”
4. “Blood Moon”
5. “Fragments & Ashes”
6. “Back To The Light”
7. “All We Have Is Now”
8. “Everyone Gets Everything They Really Want”
9. “Thieves And Whores”
10. “Broken Lines”

Giraffe Tongue Orchestra 3

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