.gif from god release “sassafras manassas ass” music video

Band: .gif from god
Song: “sassafras manassas ass”
Video by: Morta Sustain
Album: approximation_of_a_human
Release Date: September 27th, 2019
Label: Prosthetic Records

Vocalist Mitchie said of the song:

“The song is about running through darkness. More directly it’s about how hopeless and cyclical it feels to move through the world with debilitating anxiety that goes unaddressed; moving forward with no direction or intentionality. How can one hope to overcome their demons or circumstances without acknowledging the reality that they are faced with? Without others affirming that their reality is real and valid?”

Bassist Sofia adds:

‘sassafras’ is a re-recording and modification of one of the first songs .gif ever recorded. I wasn’t in the band at the time but it was the first song I was taught after I joined. We never felt like it was done proper justice, and we’ve changed so much as a band since it was first written and initially released that it sounds wildly different now. We want to show people who’ve never heard of us before a song that still remains important to us, while hinting to our current fans how much we’ve changed before releasing material that bears almost no resemblance to previous .gif from god releases.”


[via AltPress]