Illinois hardcore outfit Ghost Key have joined InVogue Records‘ roster and will be releasing their new record If I Don’t Make It on February 17th. The group are now streaming the effort’s first single titled “Indecision”, listen below via Alternative Press. Vocalist Austin O’Brien said of the song:

“Oftentimes trying to balance life on the road and life at home can feel like a death sentence. Just before recording our record last year I was struggling internally trying to decide if this was the life I wanted to lead. One thing I reminded myself of the whole time though was that I believe I have something to say and that’s more important to me than anything, and so I wrote ‘Indecision’.”

Physical and digital pre-orders are now available through the label’s webstore and iTunes. You can catch the band live beginning next month Everything Was Sound Tour with Silent Planet, Hail The Sun, and Dayseeker.

If I Don’t Make It track listing:

1. “Death In The Family”
2. “Indecision”
3. “Ache”
4. “Solstice”
5. “Dead Man”
6. “Embrace”
7. “Dying To LIve”
8. “Attention To Detail”
9. “Downpour”
10. “If I Don’t Make It”