Ghost Bath to release new record Starmourner via Nuclear Blast; debut new song “Thrones”

Official press release:

Depressive black metal merchants Ghost Bath, are pleased to announce the release of Starmourner on April 21st via Nuclear Blast Entertainment. The band has released the first single from that record, entitled “Thrones”, here:

Starmourner takes these concepts to a higher level. It explores joy (instead of sorrow), the cosmos (instead of earth), and paradise (instead of purgatory.) But most importantly, it explores ecstasy -instead of tragedy- as its basic human emotion. With over 72 minutes of heavy, melodic, and dramatic black metal, it is Ghost Bath‘s most ambitious undertaking yet.

The album takes its listener on a journey in a variety of ways; Each track is accompanied by a beautifully crafted painting as well as a “parable” to read alongside. This allows the listener to explore not only the audio soundscapes, but a visual and imaginative experience through as they delve into the album. Vocalist/mastermind Nameless says:

“The stories, or parables, look into Jewish angelology and the hierarchy of angels as found in the bible and other religious texts. Although the album has a definitive joyful and hopeful feel, it is still drenched in depression and sorry, as any true Ghost Bath record should be.”

Starmourner was recorded, mixed, mastered and produced by Josh Schroeder and features cover artwork Luciana Nedelea.

Pre-order now at the label’s webstore, iTunes, Amazon, and Google Play.

Starmourner track listing:

1. “Astral”
2. “Seraphic”
3. “Ambrosial”
4. “Ethereal”
5. “Celestial”
6. “Angelic”
7. “Luminescence”
8. “Thrones”
9. “Elysian”
10. “Cherubim”
11. “Principalities”
12. “Ode”