Geryon stream new song “Silent Command”

Geryon have debuted the first single off their upcoming album The Wound And The Bow titled “Silent Command. The record is slated to drop through Profound Lore on April 8th. Bassist/vocalist Nicholas McMaster says of the effort’s title:

“The album title The Wound And The Bow is taken from an essay by Edmund Wilson about the Sophocles play Philoctetes. Philoctetes is from Homer; he’s the best archer the Greeks have (having been given a bow that never misses by Hercules) but he suffers a snakebite on the way to Troy that leaves a permanent, festering wound, which smells so bad the Greeks abandon him on an island (though they come back for him years later when they realize they need his skill to win the war). Wilson’s essay uses the dual nature of Philoctetes — talented but maimed– to posit a general link between psychological trauma and creativity, suggesting this is a common type throughout human history. It is in this sense that we use the title: The Wound And The Bow, two sides of the same coin, humanity as the vessel which transmutes suffering into art.”

[via Stereogum]