GAEREA added to Knotfest’s Pulse of the Maggots 2×21

Official press release:

Cathartic black metal outfit GAEREA have been added to the lineup of Knotfest’s Pulse of the Maggots 2×21 online festival! The band’s brand new and never-before-seen “The Bronze Halls” performance will air in conjunction with the festival on June 25 via the official Twitch channel! The festival will start at 3:00 P.M. EDT and will also feature sets from Hyro the Hero, As Everything Unfolds, Lotus Eater, Baest, Elyne, Cult of Lilth, Abbie Falls, Capra, Superbloom, Earthists, Pupil Slicer & Druid. A trailer for the festival can be seen here:

The inaugural Pulse of the Maggots kicked off in 2020 as a response to the continued pause of live music across the globe. Taking the festival model the digital platform, the first-ever Pulse of the Maggots featured sets from highly touted aggressors like Tallah, Orbit Culture, Death Tour, Year of the Knife, Hacktivist, Wargasm, 156 Silence and many more.