Band: Fueled By Fire
Song: “Bloodshed”
Album: Past…Present…No Future Pt. 1 7″
Release Date: November 12th, 2021
Label: M-Theory Audio

Singer/guitarist Rick Rangel explains:

‘Bloodshed’ is a song about the horrors of mass killings. The idea to write about this theme was inspired by a real-life event that occurred in 2015 when a premeditated massacre took place during a live music concert in Paris, France at a venue known as the Bataclan Theater. We played a show at the Bataclan Theater a few years before the attack took place and had some amazing memories playing there. The day that the massacre happened, I felt a great deal of shock and grief, I kept thinking about the bands and victims and how it could’ve happened at our show. The lyrics are a brutal reminder that this can happen anywhere at any time.”


Past…Present…No Future Pt. 1 7″

  1. “Disrupt”
  2. “Bloodshed”

Past…Present…No Future Pt. 2 7″

  1. “Non-Existent”
  2. “Mangled Truth”

Fueled By Fire is:

Rick Rangel – guitars/vocals
Jon Rubio – guitars
Anthony Vasquez -bass
Carlos Gutierrez – drums