Official press release:

Upcoming Chicago modern rockers Frontline release their debut full length album, Cold World, on June 2 via Vanity Music Group‘s new imprint, Shock Records, distributed through AISA/RED/Sony Music. Produced by Mike Brezen, the album was recorded over a six month period at AMG Studios in Chicago.

Formed by singer/guitarist Jason Delismon in early 2016, Frontline came to life when Delismon hooked up with lead guitarist, Mike Nowak, bassist, Alex Loeber and keyboardist Diane Tragos when the three of them began writing together, which soon led to the concept of an actual band coming to life. Delismon relates:

“It was just a writing thing at first and soon things just started to click and it became obvious that we needed to see this thing through. Before long we began auditioning drummers and Jason Jaros entered the picture.”

Soon after the recording of Cold World commenced Nowak had to step down due to personal reasons, to be replaced by Steve Vuko. Jason recalls:

“After auditioning more than enough guitarists, it was obvious that Steve just had the chemistry needed to fill Mike‘s shoes.”

Delismon says of Cold World:

“I’m confident it will break through and dominate the mainstream rock scene with its edgy and heartfelt lyrics. Fans won’t be disappointed with the innovative originality we’ve put into this.”

The band tapped former In This Moment drummer Tom Hane to design the album art for Cold World. Jason met Hane back in 2012 when the former was a drum tech for Eve To Adam on the Jagermeister Presents … Tour, which In This Moment was also a part of. Delismon says:

“We were talking one day and the subject of photography and graphic design came up. He showed me some of his work and I told him we’d be interested in hiring him for the Frontline artwork when it came time. He wound up not only doing our album art but our photo shoot, as well.”

Cold World track listing:

1. “Follow”
2. “Cold World”
3. “Beautiful”
4. “Calling”
5. “Changes”
6. “Angel”
7. “Don’t Misunderstand”
8. “Falling For You”
9. “Cold World (Reprise)”

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