Band: Four Stroke Baron
Song: “A Matter Of Seconds”
Album: Planet Silver Screen
Release Date: November 9th, 2018
Label: Prosthetic Records

Bassist Keegan Ferrari commented:

“For our next video with Thomas Yagodinski, we wanted to have a more cinematic approach versus a ‘music video’ feel. When deciding on a song, ‘A Matter of Seconds’ stood out on the album as being the most dramatic in both timbre and storyline. Thomas was immediately intrigued by the concept presented by the lyrics and put together a comprehensive storyboard in no time at all that we felt was perfect from the start. One thing about this video that sets it apart from Planet Silver Screen was that it was the first time Thomas built absolutely everything from scratch (the wrestlers, the bears, etc.) and it actually took more time to build all the pieces than it did to animate. It was all worth it, however, as the end result is something that we are all super proud of!”


[via Revolver]