Melodic prog outfit Fortis Amor is streaming a new song titled “Particles”. Take it in below courtesy of The one-man outfit is spearheaded by guitarist/vocalist/composer Ryan Duke, who had this to say about the track:

“I wrote ‘Particles’ a while ago on an acoustic guitar. It was originally in Drop D tuning, but I had a very hard time singing it, so that’s when I decided to change the regular tuning I use to Drop B. This song is a three-part chronicle of a very difficult time in my life. I ended up coming out the other side as a much more confident person. It describes the deep anguish of feeling like everything you have has been broken into pieces and all your hopes and dreams have been smashed beneath a giant anvil. Then from that pain and loss, you find that it needed to happen so you could take all that was destroyed and make something much better out of it. It is really about the benefits of pain and loss. To never give up on life or yourself. It is the essence of hope.”

Fortis Amor‘s self-titled is out now and available for purchase here.

Forti Amor track listing:

1. “Particles”
2. “Holding On To Nothing”
3. “Renewal”
(feat. Jack Daniels [War of Ages, Hope For The Dying])
4. “Subjected to Frustration”
5. “Upon Yourself”
6. “Bring This Petition To The Castle”
7. “The Maiden’s Vineyard”
8. “Outpouring”
9. “Deathless”
10. “Take Heart”
(feat. Zack Uidl [ex-7 Horns 7 Eyes])