ForeverandNever’s van got broken into over the weekend

Certain people in St. Louis really don’t want artists to come perform in their city as yet another case of theft has occurred. Tennessee alt-rock outfit ForeverandNever are the latest victims when someone – more likely some people – broke into their van on a day off from their ongoing tour with Visionaries. This is an especially messed up case because among the items stolen was prescription medication. The band issued the following statement through Facebook asking fans for assistance:

So, the inevitable happened and our van got broken into in St. Louis. Some equipment and all of our personal clothing was taken, and the driver’s side window was busted out. We would never ask anyone for a handout, but some of us had $500 worth of prescription medication stolen, along with various personal items and equipment, so if anyone wants to throw us $1 or so we would be eternally grateful. If you happen to feel charitable enough to send more than $20 we will send you a shirt and CD in the mail along with a personal letter. Finally, if any of you come to St. Louis just watch your stuff. This is a great town and we’ve made a ton of cool friends. Unfortunately a small handful have to ruin it for everyone else. Here’s the link to our PayPal if you have a couple extra dollars you would want to spare.

Stephen, Tyler, Austin, Justin, Jake