Forever & Always release video for new single “Eternal”

Band: Forever & Always
Song: “Eternal”
Director: Andy Rivera
Album: “Eternal” – single
Release Date: August 20th, 2021
Label: Self-released

Vocalist Justin Wells comments:

“As someone who has experienced a lot of close personals deaths in my life at such a young age, death can overwhelm my mind if I get too lost in my thoughts. This song is dedicated to someone that committed suicide that I was close to and is about coming to terms with the idea that I’ll never be able to see them again.”

He continues:

“Expressing my sorrow through the song helps me come to terms with the reality that death is inevitable.But the pre-chorus line of Take me to the promise land/ Cause I know it’s where we’ll meet again, expresses the fact that I will meet them in the afterlife, on another conscious level.”