For All Eternity announce new record The Will To Rebuild, stream video for first single “Derailed”

Official press release:

For All Eternity have announced a new album, The Will To Rebuild. See the video for the first single “Derailed” here:

Pre-orders are available from MerchNow (US) and 24Hundred (AUS).

For All Eternity’s sophomore label release The Will To Rebuild showcases carefully layered production by the band’s guitarist Nick Page, with mixing and mastering by Josh Schroeder. The Will To Rebuild is an anthology of the stages of grief; undeniably empowering, shamelessly sorrowful, gut wrenching, grim. At the heart of The Will To Rebuild is the struggle to claw our way back to life when life seems too difficult to live. Deeply personal lyrics cut to the bone and intertwine with melody and technical ferocity to create a devastating heaviness.

The eagerly anticipated album from For All Eternity drops December 15 through Facedown Records.

The Will To Rebuild track listing:

1. “Shadow”
2. “Fallout”
3. “Nightmare”
4. “The WIll”
5. “September”
6. “The Vacated”
7. “Deep Down”
8. “Ascendant”
9. “Vivid”
10. “Derailed”
11. “Clearer”