Flight Club stream new effort Until The Sun Drowns

Band: Flight Club
Album: Until The Sun Drowns
Release Date: July 30th, 2021
Label: Open Your Ears Records

Guitarist Sam Tucker shares:

“For us, Until The Sun Drowns was the opportunity to explore so many of the influences that we wanted to touch on as a band, without sacrificing songs or styles to fit the mold of what our genre ‘should’ sound like. We hope anyone who listens to this record can hear the freedom of creativity that we felt working on each song. There’s truly something for everyone.”


Until The Sun Drowns track listing:

  1. “Another Great Unknown”
  2. “Adolescence”
  3. “I’ve Been Kicked Out Of Better Homes Than This”
  4. “High Roller”
  5. “Dust Bunny”
  6. “Two Tongues”
  7. “Good Company”
  8. “Like You Mean It”
  9. “Visitors”
  10. “Come Back”
  11. “Patterns”