Everyone knows or is at least aware that Five Finger Death Punch have something of a military motif around them and that they support our armed forces 100%. With the music video for the song “Wrong Side of Heaven” they continue that support with a pretty touching video that raises awareness of the struggles that our veterans are facing when they come home. The band commented on the video saying:

“We wanted to do something impactful to help our veterans. We hope to raise awareness for the seriousness of their issues and to donate to the organizations that are making a difference to better the lives of our veterans.”

Five Finger Death Punch also have a new IndieGogo campain with the purpose of helping organizations dedicated to assisting veterans suffering from PTSD.

I’ve read about so much hate towards this band but whether you like them or not you have to give them props for promoting the needs of our veterans. We’re living in a country that is great compared to many places but is still no less broken in a number of ways. It’s good to see a group with some status being a little active as far as helping a good cause.

If you or anyone you know could use some help because of PTSD the video ends with a list of organizations and their website/phone number, just skip to 5:19 mark if you don’t want to listen to the song.