Fit For An Autopsy have unleashed the first new track of their forthcoming new record The Great Collapse. Issued as a music video, check out the track “Heads Will Roll” below courtesy of Alternative Press. Guitarist/producer Will Putney said of the song:

“The concept behind the song/video was to set a scenario in America where a normal happy family was placed in a similar extreme situation, in the hope that it creates a certain feeling of empathy for what less fortunate nations are experiencing right now. And to shed some light on just how close we are to the same tragedies hitting our homes.

People in the United States always seems to form these really strong opinions about war, refugees, and other crisis situations in third world nations without really having the perspective of what’s actually happening there. Everyone’s guilty of it to some extent; a lot of us live very privileged lives in comparison to other pockets of the world, where the basic comforts like clean water, power, shelter, and safety are not guaranteed.”

The Great Collapse is scheduled to hit shelves on March 17 via eOne/Good Fight in North America and SPV overseas. Pre-orders are live on MerchNOW and iTunes. Fit For An Autopsy will be hitting the road next month on The Carry The Flame Tour with After The Burial, Emmure, Fit For A King, and Invent, Animate.