Fit For A King are streaming a new track from their forthcoming release Slave To Nothing titled “Young & Undeserving” via Revolver. Vocalist Ryan Kirby offered the following on what the song deals with:

“The song is basically about how our new bass player Ryan O’Leary experienced a lot of loss. We wanted to write a song coming from the point of view of somebody who doesn’t believe or is angry at God, saying, ‘Why would you take my friend? How can you say this good person, who wasn’t a Christian, is going to Hell?’
The song is very frustrated, lyrically. We wanted it to have this realism that even when you’re a Christian, you still struggle with thinking, ‘How could my friend pass away and live an awesome life and be nothing but a good person and then not go to Heaven?’”

Slave To Nothing is out on October 14th through Solid State.