Band: Fister
Song: “Mandatory Suicide” (Slayer cover)
Album: Decade Of Depression
Release Date: September 27th, 2019
Label: Listenable Records

The group said of the song:

“We could’ve picked any song on South of Heaven and it would’ve been awesome. We talked about either doing this track or ‘Spill The Blood’. This song just seemed to fit better.”


Decade Of Depression track listing:

  1. “City Of The Living Dead” (Fabio Frizzi)
  2. “For Whom The Bell Tolls” (Metallica)
  3. “Mandatory Suicide” (Slayer)
  4. “Too Old Too Cold” (Darkthrone)
  5. “How The Gods Kill” (Danzig)
  6. “Reaper” (Hellhammer)
  7. “And Only Hunger Remains” (Pungent Stench)
  8. “The Failure” (Fister – re-recorded)

[via Revolver]

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