Final Coil sign with WormHoleDeath; drop “Corruption” lyric video

Official press release:

Leicester-based alt-prog band Final Coil are pleased to announce that they have signed with WormHoleDeath Records for the release of their debut album Persistence of Memory. Frontman Phil Stiles commented:

“The label is the perfect home for us. Although they’re known for heavier acts they have an amazing wealth of experience and they’ve been incredibly supportive of the musical direction we wanted to take on this album. That support included a huge number of conversations between label and band as Final Coil sought to develop the ambitious musical and lyrical themes of Persistence of Memory. Thanks to [label manager] Carlo, we went into the studio fully prepared and confident that this was the best record we could possibly make. Carlo didn’t interfere at all, but he offered careful guidance and his help was invaluable to us. The collaboration between WormHoleDeath and Final Coil will allow the band to reach a global audience whilst benefiting from the support and experience of a label that prides itself on its independent spirit and the close relationship it forges with its artists. You hear so many horror stories about unscrupulous labels, but Carlo has taken exceptional care of us from the moment we first got in touch. We’re very pleased to have an opportunity to work with a label who are so friendly and respectful and we can’t wait to share our debut album with fans around the world.”

Persistence Of Memory is scheduled for release digitally on June 23rd, in the U.S. on July 14th, and worldwide on September 22nd. The release date is pending in Japan.

Persistence Of Memory track listing:

1. “Corruption”
2. “Dying”
3. “Alone”
4. “You Waste My Time”
5. “Myopic”
6. “Failed Light”
7. “Spider Feet”
8. “Lost Hope”
9. “Moths To The Flame”
10. “In Silent Reproach”
11. “Alienation”