Feuerschwanz debut live video for “Schildmaid” feat Saltatio Mortis

Band: Feuerschwanz
Song: Schildmaid feat. Saltatio Mortis
Album: Die letzte Schlacht
Release Date: August 6th, 2021
Label: Napalm Records

The group said:

“We’ve always been on stage with the greatest women – something we are more than proud of! With good reason Johanna, Myu and Musch-Musch have earned a place right in front of our team and our hearts. With ‘Schildmaid’ we wanted to set a monument to this and dedicate it to all the shield-maidens out there. Be strong & proud, bold & free, do your thing and stay who you are: a shield-maiden of Odin!For the performance of our online show we got our dear friends and bagpipe heroes Luzi and Elsi from Saltatio Mortis! Here’s to you, shield-maidens!”