FERO LUX stream sophomore album No Rest

South Florida mathcore outfit FERO LUX are streaming their second full-length, titled No Rest, in its entirety. Guitarist David Paul says of the effort:

“This album most accurately represents this band in my opinion. Our politics and social issues are embodied in this album’s music and lyrics. It portrays our passion for music, compassion for the world, and disdain for oligarchy and greed.”

Bassist Ben Perman adds:

“It’s far heavier, but more organized than anything we’ve put out. We really put a lot of focus into composition. Our message is important, but the delivery had to be right.”

No Rest was produced by the band and engineered by Daniel Colombo at Iceman Studios. The album is scheduled to hit stores this Friday via Iron Young Records. Pre-orders are live and available on Bandcamp.