Fen premiere new track “I (Pathway)”

Fen have issued the first taste of their upcoming studio album Winter. Titled “I (Pathway)”, you can listen to the song below courtesy of Decibel. In a collective statement, the band said of the track:

“This opening chapter ushers in on the sibilant, sinister winds that slice across the mist-wreathed peat bogs of the fens. It represents the start of the journey – uncertainty and resolve warring with each tread across a landscape laced with questions, ghostly voices of past failings drifting from stagnant waterways and thin lines of bent trees. Drawing ever closer on the horizon lies the cathedral – a rearing megalith bleeding the promise of succor across the landscape. What will be found there? Penance? Redemption? Or something as-yet unsought?”

Aural Music imprint Code666 will be releasing the record on March 10th. Pre-order it on CD and limited LP here.