Felicity share video for “Wish You Weren’t Here”

Band: Felicity
Song: “Wish You Weren’t Here”
Director: Sean Maple
Album: Dear Universe
Release Date: July 16th, 2021
Label: Adventure Cat Records

The group issued the followed of the clip:

“We filmed this in the early months of quarantine last year and since we couldn’t gather in crowds or play an actual show we decided on the next best thing: a room full of celebrity and character cardboard cutouts. And we figured if we can’t have a real show with a crowd, we might as well play to a bunch of cutouts and have them do all the things you’d expect to see from a rock show.

The video does a phenomenal job of visually representing what the meaning of the song is about by showing negative comments people have actually posted, Damien being shown as a clown throughout the video, and his moment of realization that he shouldn’t care what others think or say how he should be and just be happy with who he is as long as he lives his life with pure intent.

Of all the videos we’ve filmed over the years, this is definitely the most rock & roll music video we’ve ever made. And it shows a comically badass guitar solo, so there’s no wonder why it’s our favorite!”


[via Under The Radar]