Featured Artist: Author Sarah Tipper

Sarah Tipper 2Sarah Tipper is a UK author who writes fictional books about metal. So far she has written eight books: five are centered around a thrash band named Eviscerated Panda, with a sixth on the way. The other three are “diaries” of a teen metalhead by the name of Cleo Howard and feature references to many bands such as Megadeth, Exodus, Slayer and many more. You can read more about Sarah and her books via the link above. All of her titles are available for purchase on Kindle and paperback on Amazon. You can read a bio on Tipper below:

Sarah Tipper was born in Oxford in 1974 and was very nearly called Robert. She enjoyed school, especially any classes that involved writing and that did not involve wearing shorts. She once sniggered her way through an entire assignment about the Cerne Abbas giant. At age thirteen Sarah started listening to metal. She was lightly teased for wearing tight jeans and an Anthrax or Slayer T-shirt. This didn’t bother her, she felt safe from the Bros dross culture other teenagers at the time were so keen on. Sarah’s religion is heavy metal. Her favourite biscuit is the chocolate shortcake ring. The best gigs she’s ever been to were Suicidal Tendencies, Manowar, Dedlok and Bolt-Thrower. She can’t cope with the responsibility of having a pet but if she could she’d have a ginger rabbit called Ronnie (after Ronnie James Dio).

Sarah studied Psychology at the University of Reading. She missed her graduation ceremony because it clashed with seeing Black Sabbath. She went on to graduate with a Masters in Health Psychology from Coventry University. Luckily this didn’t clash with anything and her Mum got a nice day out.

During the day Sarah does cancer research, squirting things at other things in a science type way. She started writing her first novel because a friend kept telling her to write a book and because another friend had inspired her to write a “things to do before you’re forty list” and write a book made it on to this list. The idea of the Eviscerated Panda trilogy (A Metal Tale, Back In Bamboo and Vulgar Display Of Panda) was conceived after twenty-four years of experience of going to gigs and drinking in rock pubs and twenty-five years of experience of listening to metal. It was hugely enjoyable to write and Sarah hopes to create heavymetalworld, much like Terry Pratchett created Discworld. Writing The Very Metal Diary Of Cleo Howard involved drinking Malibu for research purposes and the purchase of a Viennetta (which seems to have become less ornate since the nineties, although Sarah worries that maybe she’s become too sophisticated to see the beauty of it).

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