New Jersey blackened thrashers Anticosm are a band that don’t mess around when it comes to crafting music that is heavy that beats the listener to submission. If you’re looking for some modern metal then look elsewhere, because listening to Anticosm is like traveling back in time to the thrash heyday of the 80s. The music isn’t polished and overproduced, it’s raw and brimming with that classic thrash metal sound that propelled many of the greats from the era. While Anticosm aren’t reinventing the wheel, they do a great job putting together a record that will get you windmilling and mosh-ready. If this sounds appealing to you then I encourage you to give them a listen.

The band’s new self-titled album is out now on Born Of Chaos Records, their third for the label. Did I mention that the record is available for free, that’s right FREE! As a matter of fact, all three of their records are available at no charge via the outfit’s Bandcamp. Donations are welcome of course, which I think would be of great service to a band as dedicated as Anticosm to keeping metal alive and thrashing.

Anticosm 1