Municipal Waste, Torche, and Night Birds completed a brief tour of the U.S. dubbed the Feast On The Southeast Tour 2015 a couple of weeks ago and it was truly a feast…of punk, sludge, and crossover metal that is.

Tampa locals Meatwound opened the night with a set of sludge rock that kicked things off to a good start. If bands like sludge is your thing, I think you might be interested in checking out Meatwound; you can sample them here. Following them were punk outfit Night Birds and this is where the night really started to take off. The band’s relentless assault incited the night’s first mosh pit and was just a preview of what was to come. The New Jersey outfit really put on a show firing on all cylinders and filled the small bar venue with the spirit and energy of punk. Providing direct support for the evening were Florida’s very own Torche. Now based in Atlanta, the Miami outfit hit the stage to a crowd that was not ready for the heavy that was about to impact their ears. It’s as the band got increasingly heavier from one track to the next, it was incredible! Sludgy, doom, stoner metal to the core that shattered the venue. The band’s name suits them because they really set the place on fire with those riffs.

Finally, it was time for Municipal Waste and you could feel the crowd’s excitement. Few left the stage area after Torche finished their set to save their spots and with good reason. As soon as the Virginia crossover band hit the stage the venue exploded into a frenzy of crowd-surfing, stage-diving, and all-around chaos. From the moment they hit the stage to the second they left it was pure, unadulterated enthusiasm from everyone present. Municipal Waste were definitely enjoying themselves, feeding off the reaction and encouraging the crowd to get crazier. Municipal Waste is the embodiment of crossover, bringing fast songs to mosh and headbang to incessantly with the attitude of punk that makes for very powerful, raw music.

I really had no idea what I was getting myself into. The show was non-stop and definitely a good time was had by all. It really is kind of a shame that the tour was so brief because it was a beast of a show with a lineup that delivers the goods with great music, stage presence, and a live performance worth experiencing first-hand.


Night Birds


Municipal Waste

[All photos by Josh Doe Visuals]