Band: Farooq
Song: “Stone Cold Steve Hawking” feat. Ryan Encinas (Sworn Vengeance)
Album: Heat
Release Date: August 24th, 2018
Label: Glacier Recordings

Vocalist Daniel Dominguez III offered:

‘Stone Cold Steve Hawking’ is a song about how billions of years from now the sun will begin to burn helium after it runs out of the hydrogen fuel at its core, turning it into a red giant star. Its expansion will consume the planets Venus and Mercury and reach Earth. Once this happens, it will be as if Earth and its inhabitants never existed. I draw a parallel between the biblical ‘Son’ who some believe died so that man may live with its sin, and the Sun that will die and wipe everything out in its path. I use the biblical and religious imagery to explain my feelings on how mainstream religion has killed and ruined so many cultures out of nowhere. The song overall is about how no matter what side people subscribe to, there will be a point where we we’ll all be equal victims to the Red Giant; that will be so powerful, that nothing we ever imagined will be able to compare, and nothing we ever had as a planet will be able to survive.”


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