Fantômas have been making one announcement after another. At this point I’m predicting that we’ll be getting word of a new album in the works sometime next year. As far as what’s on the horizon, the band will be returning to the stage in December where they will perform The Director’s Cut in it’s entirety. That’s not all the band have planned as they have announced a box set by the name of Wunderkammer which will be released through Mike Patton’s Ipecac Recordings. The band made the following statement of the release:

“Next up we have one of the most elaborate packages we have ever released. We give you a cabinet full of music from Fantômas titled WUNDERKAMMER. This limited edition, over the top package includes vinyl versions of all of the Fantômas records plus a cassette copy of the original Fantômas demo that Mike Patton used to recruit the other members. Neat, huh?”