Falls of Rauros stream two new tracks

Maine’s Falls of Rauros will be releasing a new album next month, October 1st to be exact, and above you can check out the cover art for the record along with two new songs. The new album is titled Believe in No Coming Shore and the tracks available for streaming are “Ancestors of Smoke” and “Waxen Voices”. The record will be released through Nordvis Produktion and you can pre-order the record at the labels Bandcamp.

The band are a pretty interesting experimental black metal outfit, I was streaming the songs myself and “Ancestors of Smoke” really caught me off guard when it transitioned from raucous black metal, to an acoustic interlude before the overdriven guitars made their returns for more melodious noodling and a guitar solo. Lengthy songs aside, three out of six of the songs are over eight minutes long, this is a band I can see myself getting into. When the full album stream is available you can bet I’ll be posting it.

Believe in No Coming Shore track list:

1. Blue Misshapen Dusk
2. Ancestors of Shadow
3. Ancestors of Smoke
4. Waxen Voices
5. Spectral Eyes
6. Believe in No Coming Shore