Melodic metal outfit Fall Of Man have a new video out for their song “Lullaby”. The clip was filmed and directed by Evan Cantrell and Greg McKarus at New Kingdom Productions. Frontwoman Erica Barile said of the song:

‘Lullaby’ is about my own experience with spiritual warfare – specifically in the form of evil, demonic dreams. I had those types of dreams ever since I was a small child and they intensified up ’til just a few years ago. Both the song and video represent the process I’ve gone though to gain the upper hand over those evil, demonic forces.”

The song appears on the group’s 2016 EP Hallways And Doors. Copies are available for purchase on iTunes, Google Play, and Amazon.

Hallways And Doors EP track listing:

1. “Hallways And Doors”
2. “Lullaby”
3. “Leave Me Alone”
4. “Breathe”
5. “Glory”
6 .”Suddenly”

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