Failure have released the cover art and track listing for their new album The Heart Is A Monster, the band’s first new output since 1996’s Fantastic Planet. The band said of the record:

“The songs on Fantastic Planet appear more or less in the order that we wrote them… when, we do a song now, we write it and record it soup-to-nuts without moving to another song… It takes longer, but it makes more sense for us artistically to explore a song completely before moving on.”

Pre-orders are live and can be placed on iTunes and PledgeMusic. The band are also currently offering a free download of their single “Hot Traveler”, which you can get here. The effort will be in stores on June 30th through INresidence.

The Heart Is A Monster track listing:

1. “Segue 4”
2. “Hot Traveler”
3. “A.M. Amnesia”
4. “Snow Angel”
5. “Atom City Queen”
6. “Segue 5”
7. “Counterfeit Sky”
8. “Petting the Carpet”
9. “Mulholland Drive”
10. “Fair Light Era”
11. “Segue 6”
12. “Come Crashing”
13. “Segue 7”
14. “The Focus”
15. “Otherwhere”
16. “Segue 8”
17. “I Can See Houses”
18. “Segue 9”

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