Exxasens 2

Official press release:

Originally formed as a solo project by guitarist Jordi Ruiz (Playmotive, Kyba), Exxasens take inspiration from the study of space and particularly those that have voyaged heroically into its heart of darkness. For his first release Ruiz set up a home studio in April 2007 to compose songs that sought to explore this subject. Uploading one song a month online, after a year he had amassed an army of supporters, assembled his first full-length album and gained interest from the then newly formed label ConSouling Sounds who went on to release it as Polaris in May 2008.

Beyond The Universe (2009, Consouling Sounds) followed soon after, featuring thirteen songs – each more elaborate than the last – rich and complex in concept and almost entirely instrumental in construction, Ruiz’s hard work caught the ear of Barcelona label Aloud Music Ltd. in 2011 where Eleven Miles (released that same year) and 2013’s critically acclaimed Satellites turned Ruiz’s solo project into the fully-fledged band that captivates audiences worldwide today.

It’s with great anticipation that Back To Earth, the fourth and most accomplished Exxasens album arrives this September. Heavily influenced by the autonomous work of Steven Wilson and the progressive dynamics of Mogwai and 65daysofdstatic, recorded at Siete Barbas Studios it offers up a renewed vision of instrumental post-rock with the introduction of choirs, stratospheric guitar solos and electronic grooves.

It’s with tremendous pleasure that we present the first video from the band’s latest single, “My Hands Are Planets” ahead of the official release of Back To Earth on 7th September 2015 through Aloud Music Ltd. in Europe, the Ricco Label in Asia (Japan, Taiwan, Indonesia) and Rock-House in Russia.