Official press release:

French masters of technical death metal, Exocrine, have announced their new full-length album The Hybrid Suns and is set for release via Unique Leader Records on 17th June. 

The Hybrid Suns is the career-defining fifth record from the Bordeaux-based group, a concept album studying the voyage between life and death, and showcases a jaw-dropping level of musicianship. Continuing to push the boundaries of extremity and precision playing, Exocrine are the bridge between the ferocity of Archspire and Cryptopsy, and the potent progressive leanings of Obscura and Gorod.

Ahead of the album release the band have delivered their first single, ‘The Hybrid Suns’. Pre-order The Hybrid Suns now at this location.

Comments the band on the new single:

‘The Hybrid Suns’ is the first titular offering, introducing a new concept with a complex narrative frame to set the tone for the forthcoming album. As usual we have paid particular attention on the technical aspects and the speed, however this time we’ve pushed harder on the epic side of things to create a more grandiose sound!”

Written and produced by guitarist Sylvain Octor-Perez, the album was recorded at Triceraprod Studio and mastered at Roadster Lab, with the album artwork created by concept artist Tania Sanchez-Fortun

Since their inception in 2013, Exocrine have cemented their reputation as one of France’s most fearsomely technical and revered acts, beginning life as the brainchild of prolific guitarist Sylvain Octor-Perez.

Their 2015 debut Unreal Existence (Great Dane Records) caught the attention of keen-eared aficionados; not content to rest the band immediately set to work on their profound second record, Ascension, released 2017, again via Great Dane Records. Anchored in a sci-fi universe supported by a spatial sound design and cinematographic atmosphere, Ascension expanded on their trademark technical and brutal riffs, flowing melodies and sumptuous solos.

Determined to grow within technical death metal, Exocrine joined Unique Leader Records for the release of their third album Molten Planet in 2018, taking their sounds to the stage across Europe and Japan with bands such as The Faceless, Obituary, Obscura, Archspire and more. Maelstrom, the bands transcendental fourth album followed in 2020, pushing the genre to its outer limits, exploring extreme tempos, technicality and brutality with a progressive approach and Synth Wave inspired synths.

Now with their fifth offering due for release in June 2022, The Hybrid Suns is the sound of a band hitting their full potential, intent on carving out their own style within the realms of technical death metal. With a sound unlike anything else, Exocrine are the masters of intricate technical experimentation and The Hybrid Suns is a formidable offering.

Catch the band live at Hellfest, France in June with further tour announcements to follow. 

The Hybrid Suns track listing:

  1. “The Hybrid Suns”
  2. “Dying Light”
  3. “Horns”
  4. “Watchtower”
  5. “Vortex of Shadow”
  6. “End of Time”
  7. “Burning Sand”
  8. “Blast”
  9. “Shrine”

Exocrine are:

Sylvain Octor-Perez – guitars
Jordy Besse – bass & vocals
Nicolas La Rosa – guitars
Théo Gendron – drums

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