A music video for progressive death metal outfit Exist‘s track “Fault’s Peaks” has surfaced online, take it in below. Frontman max Phelps says:

‘Fault’s Peaks’, the album closer, is probably the best overall representation of So True, So Bound and our sound as it includes all of our elements from psychedelia to heavy, dissonant riffing with a little improvisation sprinkled in. We’ve jokingly referred to this song as the ‘bleed etude’, as the right hand pattern is very reminiscent of the Meshuggah song off obZen, no shame there. This song was (and continues to be live) a real bitch to pull off technically, but it was worth it as we’re very proud of the composition itself.”

The song is the latest sample of the group’s impending studio record So True, So Bound, out June 9th on Prosthetic Records. Pre-order it now on physical and digital formats at this location.

[via Metal Injection]