Progressive instrumental duo Essence Of Datum have revealed the details of their upcoming third studio record, Spellcrying Machine. The effort is scheduled for release on August 30th through their new label home at Season Of Mist. Speaking of the album, the pair offered:

“One of the most attractive buildings in our hometown is Minsk city crematorium! The comprehension of the fact that there’s a very high probability that our physical presence in this world will end up there and the bodies will be committed to flames, puts a veil of peculiar magic on this place.

When walking in the halls of crematorium you cannot but notice giant pendulums that stand still symbolizing frozen time. It is the pendulum that gives more emphasis to the present before the inevitable end to come thus leaving us greedily gasping for the moments remaining.

The pendulum in Spellcrying Machine holds a special place and we’d like to set off a story with this composition. Until then, let the Pendulum swing!”

The first single off Spellcrying Machine has also premiered in the form of a music video for the album’s third track, “Pendulum”.

Spellcrying Machine is available for pre-order now through the label’s webstore, Bandcamp, and iTunes.

Spellcrying Machine track listing:

  1. “Synthetic Soul Extractor”
  2. “Shikari Algorithm”
  3. “Pendulum”
  4. “Vitality”
  5. “Spellcryer”
  6. “Binar”
  7. “Cavum Atrum”

[via No Clean Singing]