Escarnium 1

Official press release:

Enter the rotten crypt of Brazil’s Escarnium, a diabolical blackened shrine of decadent death worshiping mayhem! Brutal in its approach and uncompromisingly viscous in its savagery, this is the sound of true death fucking metal!! Taking cues from legendary acts like Vital Remains, Incantation, and Immolation, Escarnium wish to drag you on a most unfortunate tour through the depravity of their never-ending death metal nightmare. Welcome to hell…

Godless Shrine Of Decay, is a definitive collection of the bands previous efforts put together all on one disc with a new unreleased track, giving a glimpse of what is to come from the band in the next year!

All tracks on Godless Shrine Of Decay have been remastered by JB Van Der Wal (Aborted).

Godless Shrine Of Decay is slated to arrive November 20th through Redefining Darkness Records. Pre-orders can be picked up here.

Godless Shrine Of Decay track listing:

1. “Radioactive Doom”
2. “Genocide Ritual”
3. “Human Waste”
4. “Excruciating Existence”
5. “Salvation Through Zyklon B”
6. “Nuclear Burial”
7. “Self Proclaimed Messiah”
8. “731”
9. “Death Metal Terror”
10. “Covered In Decadence”
11. “Rex Verminorum”
12. “Dark Clouds Above Hell´s Fire”
13. “Slaves Of An Ending Fate”
14. “His Final March”
15. “Enfeeblement nd Iconoclasm”
16. “Covered In Decadence” (DEMO)

Escarnium 2

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