Esben And The Witch launch signature IPA Dull Gret

Photo by: Oliver Abraham

Official press release:

Veteran atmospheric post-rock trio, Esben And The Witch, has recently launched their own Berliner Berg Belgian IPA – Dull Gret. Brewed by Berliner Berg brewmaster Torsten Vullriede and Esben And The Witch drummer Daniel, the Belgian yeast yields a hint of spicy clove while Slovenian hop “Styrian Wolf” — developed by the Slovenian Institute For Hop Research And Brewing — delivers intense blueberry and floral notes and a proper amount of bitterness. 

In 1563, Peter Brueghel painted a vision of an unruly woman, leading a female army to pillage hell. She is Dull Gret. This is Esben And The Witch’s visionl, their call to arms; a tribute to the women out there who dare to go against the grain, despite the battles they encounter on the way. Visit Berliner Berg’s website for more information.