Epic Death debut their cover of Alice Cooper’s “Poison”

Epic Death are streaming their cover of Alice Cooper’s track “Poison”. Keyboardist/backing vocalist Becky Dorsett (Demona) comments:

“We started the journey of choosing a previously recorded song by putting songs on a list that would coordinate with the name of our album. When it was all said and done we looked at each song and asked ‘which one really means something to us’. Well for Dennis and myself it was Alice Cooper’s ‘Poison’. You see we both see Alice Cooper as the original rebel shock rocker who makes every show like Halloween. It is also one of Dennis’ and Reece’s favorite songs.

The final icing on the cake was going to see the Super Duper Alice Cooper movie. Everything that was in that movie Dennis and I could relate to on many levels. Not only is the man a genius as a musician but he is just as ‘human’ as the rest of us. Most of all, he’s our musical hero!”

The song is set to appear on the band’s upcoming studio effort Witchcraft, which is scheduled to hit stores this Friday, December 11th on Bast Records. Pre-orders are available now through the band’s website here.