Entheos premiere new single “The World Without Us”

Band: Entheos
Song: “The World Without Us”
Album: Dark Future
Release Date: November 10th, 2017
Label: Spinefarm Records

The band said of the track:

“We are extremely thrilled to release ‘The World Without Us’ as our first single from our new album Dark Future. We all feel like we’ve taken steps to cover new ground with this album and ‘The World Without Us’ exemplifies that in a standalone track. Enjoy.”


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  • Dark Future track listing:

    1. “Black Static (I)”
    2. “White Noise (II)”
    3. “Melancholia”
    4. “Pulse Of A New Era”
    5. “Sea Of Symmetry”
    6. “Inverted Earth (I)”
    7. “Sunshift (II)”
    8. “Suspended Animation”
    9. “The World Without Us”
    10. “Resonance”

    [via Metal Injection]