Band: Enterprise Earth
Album: The Chosen (Instrumental)
Release Date: September 30th, 2022
Label: MNRK Heavy

Guitarist Gabe Mangold notes of the release:

“We are extremely excited to finally release The Chosen instrumentals. An insane amount of work went into the composition and production of this album; perhaps you’ll hear some things that you didn’t before!”


The Chosen track listing:

  1. “Where Dreams Are Broken”
  2. “Reanimate//Disintegrate”
  3. “Unleash Hell”
  4. “I Have To Escape”
  5. “The Tower”
  6. “They Have No Honor”
  7. “Overpass”
  8. “You Couldn’t Save Me”
  9. “Unhallowed Path”
  10. “Legends Never Die”
  11. “My Blood, Their Satiation”
  12. “Skeleton Key”
  13. “The Chosen”
  14. “Atlas”