Official press release:

To celebrate the Enslaved Cinematic Tour 2020 cycle coming to an end, the band is delighted to announce that the four Cinematic movies are now available as video-on-demand in the By Norse Music EU and US stores! 

This has been a very unique project, and Enslaved is very happy to offer all 4 Cinematic movies on-demand in HD to everyone out there, in addition to the download cards found in all the physical formats!

Below The Lights (Cinematic Tour 2020) vinyl represses are available for pre-order. Limited White 2×12″ (By Norse Music and Enslaved online stores exclusive) and Aqua Blue 2×12″ can now be pre-ordered at (EU) and (US).

The releases are also available via the following formats:

  • 4x CD/DVD boxset
  • 4x DVD
  • Digital albums

Each physical format include a download card for all 4 movies!

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