Endorphins Lost premiere new track “Stone Man”

Hardcore/powerviolence quintet Endorphins Lost have debuted a new track titled “Stone Man”. You can listen to the track exclusively via Decibel. The group said of the song:

“This song is about perspective. It’s about those people who don’t ask for sympathy; who have experienced so much pain and misery in their lives that they choose to carry that weight alone and somehow still greet the day with a positive outlook. It’s about that old woman who as a young girl survived the great depression, or that old man who was drafted straight to combat in Vietnam as a teenager. It’s about those who are willing to take the pain of others upon themselves because they know they can handle it. People with a haunted past often wear a face of stone. And you would never know the horrors they’ve seen.”

The Pacific Northwest unit’s new album Seclusions is due to arrive on February 16th through newly-launched From The Head Of Zeus Records, helmed by Bay Area punk veteran Athena Kautsch (Six Weeks Records, Voetsek, The West Coast Power Violence Project). Greg Wilkinson (Brainoil, Deathgrave, Graves At Sea) recorded, mixed, and mastered the album at Earhammer Studio in Oakland, California. 

Pre-orders are currently available via the official Endorphins Lost Bandcamp on CD, vinyl, cassette, and digital formats. The first single off the effort, “Caduceus Rising” can be streamed below.

Seclusions track listing:

  1. “Shell”
  2. “Human Shield”
  3. “Cold”
  4. “Easy Skin”
  5. “Nothing Beyond The Fire”
  6. “Caduceus Rising”
  7. “Seclusions”
  8. “Worm”
  9. “Passing”
  10. “At A Crawl”
  11. “Father’s Vengeance”
  12. “Stone Man”
  13. “American Choke Chain”
  14. “Two Minutes Hate”

Following a record release show with Black Queen, Great Falls, and City Of Industry, Endorphins Lost will pillage stages throughout 2019. The band will blast this year’s edition of Maryland Deathfest as well as Montreal Earslaughter. Additionally, Endorphins Lost will be announcing a West Coast tour with French grind fiends Whoresnation as well as a Japanese live takeover in the waning months of 2019. Details to be announced in the months to come. Stay alert.

Tour dates:

2/16 – Seattle, WA | Highline
4/19 – Seattle, WA | Top Knot Fest
4/20 – Port Angeles, WA | Little Devil’s Lunchbox
5/25 – Baltimore, MD | Maryland Deathfest
6/01 – Montreal, QC | Montreal Earslaughter